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Davis Law Firm, LLC Helps Protect Your Rights and Freedom When You’ve Been Charged with a Crime in West Windsor, NJ

Being accused or charged with a crime in West Windsor can quickly turn your life upside down, interfering with your family, your personal relationships, and your career. Criminal charges also pose a risk to your freedom and future, with a conviction meaning the possibility of jail or prison time and hefty fines. A criminal record can have lifelong consequences for your ability to secure employment, housing, or education. And having to face the criminal justice system can make it seem like no one is on your side.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Since 2008, the dedicated West Windsor criminal defense attorneys of Davis Law Firm, LLC have fought for the rights and interests of clients facing criminal charges in West Windsor and throughout New Jersey. Our attorneys recognize how devastating criminal charges or a criminal conviction can be to your life. That is why we strive to provide each of our clients with knowledgeable, tenacious legal representation. We work hard to secure the best possible outcome in your criminal case, and we are proud of our track record of results helping clients just like you.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in West Windsor, contact Davis Law Firm today for a no-obligation case evaluation to speak to a skilled criminal defense attorney about your legal rights and options in your case.

Types of Criminal Cases Our Attorneys Can Help You With

When you are facing criminal charges in West Windsor, NJ, the experienced criminal defense attorneys of Davis Law Firm can help you successfully deal with your criminal case. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients with charges such as:

In addition to helping clients face criminal charges in West Windsor, Davis Law Firm also helps clients with their family law matters, including divorce, asset distribution, child custody, child support, spousal support, child adoption, or domestic violence.

Davis Law Firm Works Diligently to Get You the Best Possible Outcome in Your West Windsor Criminal Case

At Davis Law Firm, we understand how swiftly the criminal justice system can move. That is why we get to work quickly in each of our clients’ cases to secure a favorable outcome as quickly as possible. We take every opportunity to test the state’s case, challenging evidence where possible on grounds of its reliability or relevance, or showing that the evidence was unlawfully obtained by police and therefore should be suppressed.

Our goal is to have your criminal charges reduced or outright dismissed. We will fight to show that the state’s evidence is insufficient to support the charges against you and have your case dismissed even before it gets to trial. When necessary, we can also vigorously negotiate on your behalf to have the severity of your charges reduced and to obtain a plea agreement that will allow you to avoid severe penalties and get back to your family and your life as quickly as possible. We can also help you explore alternatives to prosecution, such as diversionary programs that can allow you to resolve your charges without the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction and record. Of course, we are always prepared to advocate on your behalf at trial and to fight to secure an acquittal.

Schedule an Initial Case Evaluation with a West Windsor Criminal Defense Attorney at Davis Law Firm

If you or a loved one have been accused of committing a crime in West Windsor, NJ, don’t leave your freedom and future to the fate of the criminal justice system. Talk to an experienced, dedicated criminal defense attorney who will fight to protect your rights and interests from the police and prosecution. Contact Davis Law Firm today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about your legal rights and options and to discuss how we can help you secure the best possible outcome to your criminal charges.

About West Windsor, NJ

West Windsor is a township located in Mercer County, New Jersey. Originally a part of Piscataway, West Windsor and adjacent East Windsor were established in 1797 and incorporated the following year. Present-day Princeton was formed from a portion of West Windsor in 1813. Many sites within West Windsor now use the Princeton name, and a large portion of the Princeton University campus is also located in the township. For much of its history, West Windsor was a sparsely populated agricultural community. That changed with the construction of numerous housing developments beginning in the 1970s. Today, West Windsor is ranked among the most affluent communities in New Jersey and in the U.S.

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