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Mercer County Retirement Accounts Attorneys

As couples divorce, the decisions that they make lay the foundation for their financial stability going forward. For many, making plans for the future needs to include making plans for retirement and dividing the assets that have already been set aside to support them later in life.

At the Davis Law Firm, LLC, a Mercer County, New Jersey, family law firm, we represent individuals in complex, high-asset divorce cases that involve a wide range of assets, including retirement accounts. Our top priority is ensuring that our clients receive a settlement that will leave them with the resources they need in the future.

Our attorneys have the in-depth legal knowledge and skill necessary to help clients make informed decisions regarding division of retirement assets, including:

  • Pensions
  • 401(k)s
  • Savings accounts
  • Investment accounts

We draw on the knowledge of well-respected experts who can project future values and help clients find innovative ways to divide retirement assets without impacting their values. Our attorneys often work in conjunction with counsel for the other spouse to find creative plans that work for both clients, avoiding a costly litigation battle when possible.

However, our lawyers are also experienced trial advocates who are always ready to fight beside their clients in the courtroom. We are proactive and diligent, building strong, effective arguments that help our clients achieve their goals.

Contact A Hamilton Divorce Attorney Regarding Division Of Retirement Accounts And Benefits

To speak with a Mercer County family law attorney regarding issues involving division of retirement accounts, contact the Davis Law Firm, LLC, by calling or send us an email through our secure online form.

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