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Parent-Child Relocation Lawyers in Mercer County

Resolving Concerns About Child Relocation and Custody in Trenton

After parents end their relationship, their lives continue to evolve. It is very common for one of them to want to move elsewhere, perhaps for a job opportunity or for other reasons. Moving away, however, obviously affects the children and their relationship with both parents. It is important for parents involved in a relocation case, whether as the one moving away or the one opposing the move, to be represented by a skilled family law attorney.

The Trenton parental relocation lawyers at the Davis Law Firm, LLC, have extensive experience negotiating and litigating relocation cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We understand the emotional nature of these cases. Child custody and contact between children and parents are probably the most important parts of family life. If you retain us, you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to reach an outcome that works for you and especially for your children.

To schedule a consultation with a Hamilton visitation rights lawyer, please call 609-587-9100 or contact us online. We will respond promptly.

Understanding Relocation of Children Within New Jersey

If a parent wants to move with a child from one New Jersey location to another, court approval is not usually required. Still, if the move is far enough, from one end of the state to the other, for example, custody and visitation could be affected. In that case, a modification of the parenting schedule may be necessary.

Removal/Relocation of Children to Other States

The parent who has physical custody cannot take the child to live in another state unless the noncustodial parent consents. If there is no consent, court approval is required. In court, the parent who wants to move must:

  • Show that he or she is moving away for a good faith reason (in other words, the goal is not simply to prevent the other parent from having contact with the child)
  • Present a realistic visitation arrangement
  • Show that the child will not suffer from the move, socially or economically

Our Trenton family law lawyers understand that the time you have with your children is precious. We will do our best to make sure that your rights are protected and that your children are affected as little as possible by any potential move-away.

Contact a Hamilton, New Jersey, Child Custody Lawyer

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