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Mercer County Search & Seizure Attorneys

Law enforcement officers do not have the unrestricted ability to gather evidence in any way that they see fit. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects all citizens, including those suspected of committing a crime.

At the Davis Law Firm, LLC, a respected criminal defense law firm based in Trenton, New Jersey, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ rights are protected, including the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

To speak with a lawyer who will help you enforce your rights, call or send an email using our secure contact form. We promptly return all phone calls and emails, often within the same day.

Aggressive Advocacy For Individuals Pulled Over Without Probable Cause

At the Davis Law Firm, LLC, we relentlessly pursue justice on behalf of our clients. That begins by conducting a comprehensive investigation into their case to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected. We have extensive experience crafting persuasive arguments that successfully exclude illegally obtained evidence from trial, giving our clients the justice they deserve.

We have extensive experience working on state and federal criminal cases that involve:

  • Searches without a valid warrant
  • Warrants issued without probable cause
  • Traffic stops conducted without probable cause
  • Overly broad search warrants
  • Seizures outside the scope of the search warrant

Contact A Hamilton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Get justice for your legal issue. Contact a Trenton search and seizure attorney at the Davis Law Firm, LLC, by calling or send us an email through our secure online form. We accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard, and offer free consultations for criminal defense and personal injury cases.

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