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Criminal Defense Attorneys at Davis Law Firm, LLC Are Ready to Fight on Behalf of Clients Charged with Crimes in Hamilton, NJ

If you’ve been arrested on criminal charges in Hamilton, New Jersey, you are understandably worried about the impact your arrest is going to have on your personal and professional relationships. Moreover, you are likely concerned about the prospect of imprisonment and fines in the event you are convicted. You may or may not also be thinking about the long-term effects of a criminal conviction on your ability to find housing, education, or employment.

Although it can seem like you are alone when facing the criminal justice system, nothing could be further from the truth. Since 2008, the dedicated criminal defense lawyers of Davis Law Firm have fought to protect the rights and interests of clients like you in Hamilton and throughout Mercer County and New Jersey. We recognize that this is a critical time in your life, so we strive to provide you with the personalized attention and vigorous legal representation that you need and deserve.

When you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, contact Davis Law Firm to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our Hamilton criminal defense attorneys to learn more about your rights and options in facing your charges and to learn more about how our firm will fight to protect your freedom and future.

Davis Law Firm Has the Experience to Handle All Kinds of Cases

The Hamilton criminal defense attorneys of Davis Law Firm have successfully helped clients face a wide variety of both state and federal criminal charges. Our attorneys can help you if you’ve been charged with:

No matter what kind of crime you have been charged with, our criminal defense lawyers can help you secure the best possible outcome in your Hamilton criminal case.

In addition to criminal law, our attorneys also have extensive experience in helping clients with family law matters, including divorce, asset distribution, child custody, child support, alimony and spousal support, adoption, or domestic violence matters. Contact us today if you or a loved one needs help with a criminal or family law matter in Hamilton, NJ.

How Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Will Aggressively Protect Your Rights, Freedom, and Future

The criminal justice process can move quickly. Before you can even process what is happening to you, you’ve been arrested and are brought before a judge to begin making important decisions in your criminal case. That is why you need to move quickly to secure the experienced legal advice and advocacy that you need. When you choose Davis Law Firm to represent you in your Hamilton criminal case, you can expect that our legal team will hit the ground running to conduct our own investigation into your case to uncover useful evidence that will challenge the state’s case or prove your innocence. We will constantly work to have your charges reduced or outright dismissed, challenging the admissibility of the state’s evidence and witnesses on grounds of relevance or that the evidence was obtained in violation of your civil rights. We will test the sufficiency of the state’s evidence to support the charges against you. Where appropriate, we can also aggressively negotiate on your behalf to have the severity of your charges reduced and to secure a favorable plea bargain that can get you back to your family and your regular life more quickly. We will also explore alternative dispositions for your case that might allow you to avoid the lifelong consequences of a criminal conviction. And if your case goes to trial, our experienced trial litigators will persuasively advocate on your behalf to the jury to try to get a not guilty verdict.

Contact Davis Law Firm Today to Schedule an Initial Case Evaluation to Speak with a Hamilton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges in Hamilton, NJ. Don’t leave your future and freedom up to the whims of the criminal justice system. You need aggressive legal representation on your side to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome in your criminal case. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Davis Law Firm today to speak with a Hamilton criminal defense attorney about your rights and options and to discuss how our firm can help you in your case.

About Hamilton, NJ

Hamilton is a township located in Mercer County (there are other communities named “Hamilton” in Atlantic and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey). A part of the New York metropolitan area, Hamilton in fact borders the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Located directly east of New Jersey’s capital city, Trenton, Hamilton is the ninth-largest municipality in New Jersey. Hamilton was officially incorporated in 1842 from portions of now-defunct Nottingham Township. Hamilton gets its name from the unincorporated community of Hamilton Square, located in the township, which itself may have derived its name from the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Today, Hamilton frequently ranks on surveys as one of the safest communities in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions about Criminal Defense in Hamilton, NJ

FAQ: Can I talk to my family and friends about my criminal charges?

It is not advised that you talk to anyone other than your attorney about your case. The police may decide to question your family members and friends about things you may have told them and try to secure evidence of your guilt, without the need to question you directly and observe the full rights offered to all criminal suspects and defendants. Facing criminal charges can feel isolating, but your criminal defense attorney is always there by your side to help guide you through the process of your case.

FAQ: How long does a conviction stay on my record?

In New Jersey, a criminal conviction remains on your record for the rest of your life. This can impact your ability to find a job, secure housing, seek education, or obtain credit. Depending on the circumstances of your conviction and your behavior following your conviction, you may be eligible to seek expungement of your criminal record. Although expungement is only granted at the court’s discretion, if you receive an expungement of your record, it will no longer be accessible through most public searches.

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