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Mercer County Emergency Custody Application Lawyers

When issues involving children are brought in front of the court, judges make decisions with one thing in mind — the best interests of the children. Often, in situations where a child is in danger, it is necessary for an individual to petition for emergency relief, so that the court has an opportunity to make decisions that keep kids safe and healthy.

At the Davis Law Firm, LLC, a Trenton, New Jersey, family law firm, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of parents and helping them protect their children. Our experienced lawyers are proactive and efficient, advocating effectively on behalf of clients in emergency custody hearings to ensure that their voice is heard as decisions are made.

If you believe that your child is in immediate physical danger, contact appropriate authorities and then contact an experienced family law attorney at the Davis Law Firm, LLC. We respond to calls and emails quickly and will advise you on your options and how we can help.

In many situations, emergency relief is granted when one parent threatens to leave the jurisdiction with a child. While these situations are less grave, the court will respond quickly to ensure that children are safe and their whereabouts are known.

Emergencies that involve your children are stressful and frightening, but you do not need to go through them alone. Our knowledgeable attorneys will fight beside you to protect your rights and help you keep your kids safe.

Contact A Mercer County Temporary Child Custody Attorney

To speak with a Mercer County family law attorney regarding emergency custody applications, contact the Davis Law Firm, LLC, by calling or send us an email through our secure online form.

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