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Mediation Services for Family Law in Ewing Township, NJ

In New Jersey, and throughout the United States generally, mediation has become increasingly common for the resolution of family law disputes, as opposed to traditional litigation. With mediation, there is a much higher chance of both parties achieving a result that is satisfactory to their interests and that maintains amicable relations (to the degree possible).

Generally speaking, family law courts in Mercer County and elsewhere in NJ encourage mediation as an alternative means of dispute resolution that is more collaborative than hostile than more combative court disputes. For instance, there are court-mandated mediation sessions to resolve child custody and remaining economic issues relating to the divorce. Whereas these court-mandated mediation sessions involve a court-appointed mediator and must be entered into after a complaint has been filed with the family court, private mediators may be used to enter into mediation at any time.

If you are involved in a family law dispute in New Jersey, early resolution may be possible with the aid of a skilled mediator. It’s critical that you work with a firm that has significant litigation experience to back up their mediation services, thus granting you a competitive edge during negotiations. Here at the Davis Law Firm, LLC, Attorney Nikki Davis is trained to provide private mediation services. Call (609) 503-7813 of fill out the online form to get connected today. We represent clients in family law matters throughout Mercer County, NJ, including Hamilton Township, Trenton, Lawrence Township, East Windsor, and Robbinsville.

NJ Mediation Basics

So, what is mediation, exactly?

Mediation is form of alternative dispute resolution — a proceeding — where the mediator (a neutral third party, usually an attorney or former judge) works collaboratively with the involved parties to help them settle the dispute amicably. The mediator listens to the arguments put forth by each party and attempts to understand key aspects of each party’s argument, then uses their neutral perspective to help minimize conflict between the parties and formulate a satisfactory settlement compromise.

Advantages of Mediation

There are significant advantages to mediation, both in the family law context and in other forms of disputes. These advantages include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:


Mediation is almost always cheaper than litigating your family law dispute through the courts, as mediation takes place in a shortened timeframe and generally does not involve the introduction of witness testimony, in-depth investigation of evidence, etc. If cost is a serious concern in your divorce, it’s worth considering mediation services.


If mediation does not result in a satisfactory settlement compromise, you are not required to accept the settlement. Settlement can only be achieved through mutual consent.


Over the course of a mediation session, any discussion that takes place is confidential and may not be revealed to the court at a later time. As such, you can reveal important information for the purpose of achieving a settlement compromise without sacrificing the strength of your position in family court.

Contact the Davis Law Firm Today to Discuss Mediation Services for Your Hamilton, NJ Family Law Matter

Resolving a high-conflict family law dispute can be emotionally draining, expensive, and legally challenging. The Davis Law Firm, LLC, has nearly a decade of experience serving clients in a variety of family law disputes, from divorce to child custody and spousal support disputes. We are willing and able to mediate your dispute and, failing a suitable compromise during mediation, litigate your dispute to secure a favorable result on your behalf.

Call (609) 503-7813 today, or fill out our online contact form, to schedule a free consultation with a New Jersey family law mediator today.

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