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Certified Criminal Trial Attorney in New Jersey

Mark G. Davis Certified by the NJ Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney

The Supreme Court of New Jersey recently certified Mark G. Davis as a Criminal Trial Attorney. This is a very prestigious designation that takes years of sustained excellence to achieve. The Certified Criminal Trial Attorney designation lets you know that Mark Davis, the founder and managing partner of the Davis Law Firm, LLC, has the knowledge, experience, and reputation needed to handle your case. If you have been charged with a crime in NJ, you want a Criminal Trial Attorney Certified by the NJ Supreme Court, like Mr. Davis, on your side.

Some estimates indicate that there are nearly 100,000 lawyers in New Jersey, but only a few hundred lawyers in the entire state have been Certified by the Supreme Court as Criminal Trial Attorneys. When you hire Mark Davis to defend you against criminal charges, you can feel confident that you are being represented by a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney who has the skill, experience, and audacity to fight on your behalf and achieve the best possible outcome.

What Is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney?

When a lawyer receives the designation of Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, it means that they have demonstrated certain levels of experience, education, knowledge, and skill when it comes to criminal trial practice in the State of New Jersey. Before the NJ Supreme Court chooses an attorney for this honor, the court must ensure that the attorney meets very specific requirements:

  1. The attorney has been a member of the NJ Bar Association, and maintained good standing, for more than five years.
  2. The attorney has attended Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs while practicing law in New Jersey.
  3. The attorney has proven experience as a criminal trial lawyer who prepares legal matters for litigation and handles cases in the courtroom.
  4. The attorney’s peers in the legal community, including other lawyers and judges, have expressed their support through favorable evaluations of the attorney’s character and ability.
  5. The attorney passed a rigorous written examination on important areas of criminal trial law.

The certification process for becoming a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney is the only official vetting process for NJ attorneys. You may come across lawyers who boast about their credentials and case results; however, unless that lawyer can say that they are Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney, they have not been recognized as an expert when it comes to criminal trial practice in New Jersey.

Why You Should Choose a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

When a criminal defense lawyer is certified by the NJ Supreme Court and designated as a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, it means a great deal for both the attorney and their clients. The designation is meant to provide prospective clients with valuable information about lawyers in New Jersey. The NJ Board on Attorney Certification has specified that the attorney certification program protects consumers and helps them to make informed decisions when seeking and selecting a lawyer.

Anyone who has been arrested and charged with a crime in New Jersey needs to recognize the gravity of their situation. Depending on the circumstances of your case and the nature of the criminal charges you face, you could be looking at severe penalties that include prison time, heavy monetary fines, and a permanent criminal record. Your freedom and your future could be at stake. That’s why it is imperative that you have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side throughout the legal process. Moreover, if your case goes to trial, you are going to want an attorney who has experience in the courtroom.

Mark Davis has a track record of success both in and out of the courtroom. Mr. Davis has helped clients beat a wide range of criminal charges, including Murder, Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Sex Assault, Aggravated Assault, Firearms Possession, Marijuana & Drug Possession, Armed Robbery, Burglary, and Federal Sex Trafficking. In fact, most of the firm’s clients are referred by former clients who were satisfied with the results Mark Davis and his legal team helped them achieve.

Contact Mark Davis Today to Schedule a Free Consultation About Your Criminal Matter in Mercer County, NJ

Mark G. Davis is a Criminal Trial Attorney Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court who understands what it takes to win your case. Mr. Davis has successfully represented clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, so he knows how to contest evidence, challenge witnesses, and win in the courtroom. If you have been charged with a crime in New Jersey, Mark Davis and the legal team at the Davis Law Firm, LLC are prepared to help you beat the charges. Contact Mr. Davis today to schedule a free initial consultation about your case.

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