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Final restraining orders (FROs) issued by New Jersey courts are permanent. This means that once the order is issued by the court, it may not be revoked in most cases. A final restraining order may only be revoked if the applicant requests its dismissal. However, this process is long and tedious. You may therefore have to live with the long-term implications of a FRO. Fortunately, the experienced New Jersey final restraining order attorneys at Davis Law Firm, LLC can help.

Davis Law Firm, LLC offers you access to a team of experienced and skilled defense attorneys. We have extensive experience representing clients in final restraining order cases. We will work to get the best resolution possible in your case. Our experienced attorneys will represent you in your FRO hearing to get a favorable outcome. We will work to get the conditions of the FRO reduced or to have the order dismissed.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our FRO defense lawyers in Hamilton, NJ. We are available to review your case and provide guidance on your rights and the options available. You can rely on us to fight to protect your rights.

Final Restraining Order Hearing

When a temporary restraining order is issued, a date is set for a final restraining order hearing. This is usually within 10 days of the issuing of the temporary restraining order. During this hearing, the judge will decide whether a final restraining order is necessary.

In order for a final restraining order to be issued, the plaintiff must provide evidence of domestic violence or abuse. The standard of evidence in the FRO hearing is much higher than for the initial TRO. In order for the judge to issue a FRO, the following elements must be established:

  • The plaintiff qualifies as a victim of domestic violence under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in relation to the defendant. This may include married partners, people living in the same household, ex-spouses as well as people who have a child in common.
  • The defendant committed a predicate act of domestic violence e.g. stalking, physical abuse, harassment, and more.
  • There is an immediate need to provide legal protection for the alleged victim to prevent future acts of domestic violence.

Evidence to prove the above may include:

  • Medical reports
  • Police reports
  • The victim’s testimony
  • Witness testimonies
  • Photos of injuries
  • And much more

Impact of Final Restraining Orders

Final restraining orders offer many of the same protections that TROs provide. However, these protections are permanent. The specific terms of your FRO will depend on the circumstances of your case. Common protections offered by FROs include:

  • Prohibitions to contact or harass the plaintiff
  • Prohibitions to contact or harass the plaintiff’s family, friends, or employer

The FRO may also include requirements that the defendant must fulfill. These include requirements to:

  • Provide temporary financial support to the plaintiff. This may include making rent or mortgage payments.
  • Reimbursing the plaintiff for financial losses in seeking the FRO such as attorney’s fees
  • Vacate the family residence
  • Relinquish custodial rights over their children
  • Attend alcohol, drug, anger, or violence counseling sessions
  • Relinquish their right to possess a firearm

Final restraining orders will have long-term implications for your life and legal rights. It is therefore important to retain experienced legal counsel and ensure that your rights are protected. The New Jersey final restraining order attorneys at Davis Law Firm, LLC are committed to providing the best legal representation. We understand how critical the process is to our clients. You can depend on our knowledge, skills, and commitment to help ensure the best outcome in your case. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and take the first step in protecting your rights.

Contact Davis Law Firm, LLC to Consult with Our New Jersey Final Restraining Order Attorneys

Are you the subject of a final restraining order? You should contact Davis Law Firm, LLC to consult with our experienced FRO defense lawyers in Hamilton, NJ. Our New Jersey final restraining order attorneys have extensive experience in handling domestic violence cases. We are committed to providing effective representation to our clients. We will fight the final restraining order and work on securing the best outcome in your case.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and find out more about how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Final Restraining Orders in New Jersey

Can a final restraining order turn up in a background check?

Yes. If you have had a final restraining order issued against you, it will show up in a background check. After the final restraining order is issued, you will be fingerprinted. An official record of your restraining order will be made with the state law enforcement agencies. This record will show up on a background check. A final restraining order can therefore impact your ability to secure employment, access housing, and may even have an impact on custody. It is therefore important to do what you can to avoid or minimize the protective action’s impact.
Our New Jersey final restraining order attorneys can help. We will fight the issuance of the restraining order. We can also help reduce its restrictions or have it lifted.

Will moving to another part of the state have an impact on a final restraining order?

No. A final restraining order issued by a court in New Jersey is enforceable anywhere in the state of New Jersey. In addition, final restraining orders are enforceable anywhere in the country. This is because civil protection orders are recognized by federal law. They are therefore enforceable in any state or US territory. Relocating will not have an impact on the final restraining order.
Contact Davis Law Firm, LLC to consult with our FRO defense lawyers in Hamilton, NJ, and learn about the impact of final restraining orders, your rights, and your options. Find out more about how we can help you minimize the impact of a FRO issued against you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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