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Criminal Lawyers Defending Juvenile Crimes in Trenton, Hamilton and Throughout Mercer County

Juveniles can face the same charges as adults, from murder and other violent crimes to petty theft and other disorderly persons offenses. In addition, they can face charges that adults do not, including violation of curfew, underage possession of alcohol and DWI at .02 blood alcohol content.

While young people may face the same charges as adults, there are significant differences in the way juvenile defendants are treated by the state.

  • Juvenile cases are heard in family court rather than in municipal or superior court.
  • The goal is to rehabilitate young people so they become productive, law-abiding citizens. In adult court, the goal is to punish and deter further criminal activity.
  • The case is heard and decided by a judge, not a jury.
  • Juvenile cases move more quickly than do cases for adults. Trials are scheduled in a matter of just day or two rather than two to six weeks for adults.
  • Juveniles are not found guilty and convicted; they are adjudicated as delinquent.
  • They are not arrested; they are taken into custody.

Criminal defense attorney Mark G. Davis defends juveniles charged with all types of crimes and offenses, including:

Penalties for New Jersey Juvenile Offenses

The atmosphere of family court is less adversarial than New Jersey municipal or superior courts, but that can lull individuals into a false sense of security. The penalties for being adjudicated delinquent can be serious. While juveniles charged with low-level offenses may get off with a verbal warning, they can be placed in juvenile detention centers or adult jail. They can be fined, removed from their homes, placed on probation, or ordered into treatment, education, counseling, or community service programs. Not all juvenile records are sealed or expunged.

An encounter with the juvenile justice system can tarnish a young person’s bright future and limit his or her options. The Davis Law Firm is experienced in defending juveniles in family court. Clients appreciate that our juvenile criminal defense attorneys are approachable, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. We understand how frightening an arrest and charges can be for the juvenile and his or her parents or guardians.

Why hire a trial lawyer for a juvenile case?

If you contact the Davis Law Firm, your attorney will explain the charges you are facing, the potential penalties, and the steps in the legal process. Attorney Mark G. Davis or Nikki J. Davis will explain various defense strategies and options available to you, and will emphasize the importance of retaining a skilled trial lawyer.

In an adult trial, the defendant will be found not guilty if only one of the 12 jurors does not agree to convict. The defense has 12 chances to win. In family court, there is only one chance to win. The attorney must persuade the judge that the prosecutor did not prove every element of the case beyond a reasonable doubt. In this sense, a juvenile hearing requires an attorney with better trial skills than does an adult’s trial. It is imperative that the person you rely on the defend you has a history of success at trial.

If your child is facing juvenile charges, please call or contact the Davis Law Firm online soon as possible. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case, advise you of your options, and explain how we can help.

From offices in Hamilton, we defend juveniles charged with criminal offenses throughout New Jersey.

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