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Trenton Sex Offenses Lawyer

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney Protects Clients’ Rights in Sex Offense Cases Throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania

Penalties for committing a sex offense in New Jersey are particularly harsh, and conviction will carry serious consequences that last a lifetime. Classification as a sex offender can impact all aspects of your life, restricting your ability to find housing, employment or even maintain meaningful personal relationships. Even without conviction, you can face serious stigma in your personal life and damage to your reputation if you are prosecuted for a serious sex offense. Because of these severe and lasting consequences, it is vital that you retain an experienced and aggressive Mercer County criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling sex offense cases to advocate for your rights.

At the Davis Law Firm, LLC, our experienced team of criminal defense attorneys include lawyers who have been rated by Super Lawyers and even an attorney who has obtained the distinction of obtaining certification by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a criminal trial attorney—a designation that requires years of exceptional legal representation to achieve. We provide all of our clients with legal representation that is understanding, compassionate and resourceful, taking all steps necessary to have the charges against you reduced or even dropped if possible in your case.

If you have been accused of a sex offense in Mercer County, contact our offices to schedule a free initial consultation today. Even if you believe the prosecution’s case is weak, arrest for a sex offense can have lasting adverse consequences that our criminal defense lawyers will work tirelessly to minimize.

Tenacious Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Davis Law Firm Represent Clients Accused of All Types of Sex Offenses in Mercer County, New Jersey

At the Davis Law Firm, LLC, our criminal defense lawyers advocate on behalf of clients who have been accused of sex offenses, including those accused of:

  • Criminal sexual contact,
  • Aggravated sexual contact,
  • Sexual assault,
  • Aggravated sexual assault,
  • Lewd behavior,
  • Child molestation,
  • Sexual abuse,
  • Rape and date rape,
  • Statutory rape,
  • Internet sex crimes,
  • Sexual harassment, and
  • Failure to satisfy registration requirements after conviction for a sex offense.

It is important to remember that in some of these cases, a sex offense can be charged even if the sexual contact alleged was consensual if the alleged victim was a minor at the time, and the accused was at least four years older. Conviction for these statutory rape crimes can be just as damaging as conviction for a nonconsensual sex offense, and experienced legal counsel is key to minimizing the damage that can be caused to your life.

Penalties for Conviction of a Sex Offense in Mercer County Can be Severe

The penalty for conviction of a sex offense in Mercer County will vary according to the severity of the crime charged, but in all cases will be serious and must be addressed as such. Potential penalties can include:

  • Prison sentences ranging from five to 20 years, or even more in particularly serious cases,
  • Lifelong registration requirements as a sex offender,
  • Electronic monitoring,
  • Loss of travel privileges,
  • Loss of internet usage,
  • Parole requirements, which can require counseling and supervision.

A strong defense can help minimize the potential penalties that can result, but our team of criminal defense lawyers work to find holes in the prosecution’s case and establish your innocence if at all possible in your case.

Why Choose The Davis Law Firm to Advocate on Your Behalf in a Burlington County, NJ Sex Offense Case?

By choosing the Davis Law Firm, LLC to advocate on your behalf, you retain the highest quality legal counsel. Our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers vigorously and tirelessly advocate on your behalf throughout the entire criminal process, from investigation and arrest through a trial and appeal if necessary in your case.

Our sex offense lawyers have effectively represented hundreds of clients in our over 20 years’ worth of combined experience handling criminal sex offense cases, and will leave no stone unturned in developing the most powerful and strong defense strategy possible in your case.

Contact a Hard-Hitting Criminal Defense Lawyer to Discuss Your Sex Offense Allegations Today

After being arrested or even investigated for allegedly committing a sex offense, it is vital to retain reputable and experienced legal counsel to guide you through the criminal defense process. Call our experienced team of Hamilton criminal defense lawyers, or fill out this secure online form, to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the allegations of sex offenses made against you today. Our offices are conveniently located at 2653 Nottingham Way, Hamilton, NJ 08619.

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