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How New Jersey’s Law Enforcement and Legal Community Are Dealing With the Opioid Epidemic

By Davis Law Firm | May 8, 2023

The opioid epidemic has been one of the most pressing public health issues in the United States for years, and New Jersey is no exception. In 2022, the state reported 2,892 opioid-related overdose deaths. NJ has been taking steps to address the issue, and the law enforcement and legal communities have played an important role […]


Sale or Possession of a Controlled Substance in NJ

By Davis Law Firm | April 25, 2023

New Jersey has strict laws regulating the sale or possession of controlled substances. A controlled substance is any drug that is listed on the state’s Schedules I through V. Based on how likely they are to be abused and what accepted medical uses they have, these substances are put into one of the following five […]


New Jersey Laws Regarding Juvenile Offenders

By Davis Law Firm | April 11, 2023

When a minor commits a crime in New Jersey, they are dealt with under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system. Unlike the adult criminal justice system, which is focused on punishment, the juvenile justice system is focused on rehabilitation. While the state has a separate system for dealing with juvenile offenders, the penalties and […]


How to Fight a Weapons Charge in New Jersey

By Davis Law Firm | March 28, 2023

New Jersey has strict gun laws, and anyone facing a weapons charge in the state can expect serious consequences if they are convicted. The consequences can include fines, imprisonment, and the loss of the right to own firearms. If you are facing a weapons charge, it is crucial to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney […]


How to Dismiss a DUI Charge in New Jersey

By Davis Law Firm | January 27, 2023

A DUI charge can have a lasting impact on your life. If you take action soon and hire the right legal representation, you may be able to get your charge dropped. Potential DUI Consequences in New Jersey In New Jersey, a DUI is considered to be a traffic violation rather than a criminal offense. However, […]


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