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Mercer County High Income Divorce Attorneys

Couples of substantial means who decide to divorce must deal with all the emotions and anxiety that are associated with the end of any marriage. However, these couples have to manage the additional concerns about how to maintain the lifestyles to which they have grown accustomed, and how their assets will be divided. The best way to confront these issues and obtain a resolution is by working with New Jersey lawyers who are experienced handling high net worth divorces.

You can find those attorneys at the Davis Law Firm, LLC. We have extensive experience guiding wealthy clients from New Jersey and Pennsylvania through the divorce process. We understand how to deal with highly complex marital estates. Our representation is designed to ensure that your interests – professional, personal and financial – remain protected.

To arrange a consultation with a Trenton high-asset divorce attorney, please call or contact us online.

A Focus on Property Division

Asset division is a chief concern for wealthy individuals now going through divorce. You have worked for years, perhaps for decades, building a successful career that has allowed you to accumulate wealth. You should not have to fear losing all of that because your marriage ends. As New Jersey divorce lawyers, our goal is to get through the process efficiently, to provide pragmatic advice and help preserve your assets as much as possible.

What sets a high net worth divorce apart from most other divorces is the sheer size and complexity of the couple’s assets and debt loads. Our attorneys frequently work with respected financial experts, such as tax specialists, QDRO experts and business valuators to make sure each asset and debt is accounted for and divided correctly. This thorough approach helps set our clients up for continued success after the divorce proceedings are over.

Contemplating All the Issues

Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania family lawyers take a comprehensive approach to each divorce case. We help our high net worth clients resolve every issue that may arise, including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • High-income child support and alimony
  • Division of 401(k) accounts, pensions and other retirement assets
  • Valuation of businesses and professional practices
  • Divorce taxation
  • Enforcing or challenging a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

Contact a Mercer County High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

To learn more about the Davis Law Firm’s approach to divorce for couples of substantial means, please call or contact our Hamilton law office online.

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