Father Pleads Guilty in Infant Son’s Death

By Davis Law Firm | June 4, 2018

Raising a child is a big responsibility and one many parents are not as ready for as they thought they were. The first several years require the utmost care and attention from a parent as your baby develops both physically and mentally. Children are unaware of many things in life and can only remain safe […]


A Dozen People Arrested in Housing Scam

By Davis Law Firm | June 1, 2018

Buying or renting a home is a commonly celebrated feat. Being responsible enough and financially stable enough to be a homeowner is something society celebrates and respects.  But while there are those who are responsible and financially sound enough to purchase or rent their own home, you can also find those still saving up, living […]


Trenton Man Reported His Gun Stolen, Found Himself Arrested Instead

By Davis Law Firm | April 26, 2018

A Trenton man recently sought to report the theft of his legally owned firearm, only to find himself facing arrest, according to a recent article in the Trentonian. Weapon Laws in New Jersey The 34-year-old man had a handgun that he had registered according to the law. He was carrying the handgun on his person […]


Trenton Man Confesses to 2013 Case That Left One Dead

By Davis Law Firm | April 12, 2018

A 24-year-old Trenton man recently pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter committed recklessly, in which a 24-year-old father of six suffered multiple gunshot wounds that proved fatal, according to Trenton Homicide Watch. Pleading Guilty to New Jersey Manslaughter Charges The man who pled guilty had been previously tried three separate times on charges of murder. Two […]


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