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Blog: Restraining Order

  • Challenging a Restraining Order in New Jersey: What You Should Know

    Nov 20, 2023

    Restraining orders are critical legal instruments designed to protect individuals from potential harm or harassment. However, there are instances when these orders are unjustly issued or might need to be reconsidered. If you find yourself faced with a restraining order in New Jersey and believe it to be unwarranted, it's vital to understand your rights and the legal avenues available for challenging such an order. The Davis Law Firm, LLC is committed to shedding ligh...
  • Facing Restraining Orders in Stalking Cases in New Jersey: A Comprehensive Guide

    Jun 21, 2023

    Being accused of stalking is a serious legal matter in New Jersey, with potentially grave consequences. When facing restraining orders and stalking charges, understanding your rights, the legal process, and the available options is crucial. This guide outlines the process of facing restraining orders in stalking cases, focusing on the legal provisions, steps involved, and potential What Constitutes Stalking? Stalking is characterized as repeated behavior meant to cause distress, fear, or intimidation. Accusations migh...
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