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How Can a Felony Conviction Impact My Career?

By Davis Law Firm | November 12, 2020

Felony convictions carry heavy consequences, especially when it comes to your career. Whether you are currently in school, training for a certain career, or you are already well-established in your industry, a felony conviction can stop you dead in your tracks. Understanding the risks of a felony conviction can help you determine the right steps […]


15 Arrested in Child Porn Bust in Monmouth County, NJ

By Davis Law Firm | November 4, 2020

Child abuse and tracking remain a big problem, not only around the world but right here in the United States, too. That is why both federal and local officials are consistently working toward recognizing threats to children, as well as enforcing the consequences. Monmouth County Child Porn in the News A large porn bust has […]


Two Jersey City Gang Members Recently Charged for Triple Murder

By Davis Law Firm | October 30, 2020

Three years after the triple murder that occured on Fulton St. in Jersey City, gang members, Markell “Sayboy” Brown and Terence “Sweet Meat” Shaw, have finally been charged. The gang members are being charged with the three murders that took place on January 16, 2017. The attack targeted Ishear Bailey, 26,  who was a rival […]


Paramus Resident Arrested for Threatening a Federal Judge

By Davis Law Firm | October 29, 2020

Emotions run high in criminal cases and as such, sometimes judges may find themselves as the target of harassment and threatening messages if their ruling wasn’t in a person’s favor. This is what happened in a recent case when a resident from Paramas threatened a federal judge over delaying the verdict of his case.  The […]


Can I Get in Trouble for Owning a Gun in NJ?

By Davis Law Firm | September 29, 2020

New Jersey has some of the strictest firearms laws in the country. If you are in New Jersey and have or are considering owning or possessing a gun, you need to familiarize yourself with the state’s gun laws and what kind of conduct can get you in trouble for owning a gun. Do You Need […]


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