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Can You be Charged with Sexual Assault if You Were Drunk?

By Davis Law Firm | September 19, 2019

Overview of Sexual Assault There does not always need to be intent for a charge of sexual assault to move forward in New Jersey. But, what is required is that the victim does need to come forward and provide evidence of the assault in order for the case to follow through in the court system. […]


Deadly Police-Involved Shooting Under Investigation in Trenton

By Davis Law Firm | August 30, 2019

Trenton Shooting Conflict between the police and those that they are obligated to protect and serve is rampant in today’s high-crime areas, and the role of the police is a difficult one at best.  This conflict was manifested late on the night of Thursday, March 14th when the police in Trenton, New Jersey answered a […]


What is Drug Possession and Why Is It Criminal?

By Davis Law Firm | August 20, 2019

Drug Possession In the criminal justice system, the offense of drug possession refers to the possession of drugs that are illegal or are controlled substances that are not prescribed for the person possessing them. The possession of illegal or controlled substances is a crime because these drugs, when used, may cause harm to those using them […]


Cocaine Charges for New Jersey Surgeon Arrested En Route to Work

By Davis Law Firm | August 6, 2019

Drug Bust Made in New Jersey Early on Sunday morning, August 4th, a 36-year-old neurosurgeon from New Jersey was arrested en route to work for possession of cocaine. The traffic stop that led to the arrest was initiated because V.P had tinted windows on his vehicle.  During the traffic stop, which occurred on Rutherford Avenue […]


Cranford Man Faces Child Pornography Charges

By Davis Law Firm | August 1, 2019

Cranford Man Arrested for Child Pornography United States Attorney Craig Carpenito announced recently that a man from Cranford has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. The suspect, Joseph Hinksmon, was arrested and charged with possessing images that depicted child sexual abuse. Hinksmon, 41, is a resident of Cranford, New Jersey. Hinksmon is […]


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