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NJ Jails Release Hundreds of Inmates to Protect them from Coronavirus

Are you currently facing a quarantine situation? Most citizens in New Jersey have been ordered to stay at home by Governor Murphy. That means no going to work, no sending your kids off to school and no leaving home for recreational activities.

The world seems like it’s changed overnight. On top of these unprecedented restrictions, New Jersey legislators have made the decision to release hundreds of inmates from jail. Are you wondering what type of offenders are getting released and what will happen once the pandemic is over? Get all the details below.

Who is Getting Released from Jail?

The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of people panicking, especially in regards to possible overcrowding of hospitals and available treatment. One area that’s particularly concerning is jail populations. Here’s why:

  • Prisoners already overwhelm the medical assistance available to them
  • An outbreak would leave the elderly, disabled, and inmates with pre-existing conditions at a significant risk
  • If covid-19 spread in prisons, then correctional staff will catch it, too

New Jersey’s Supreme Court recognized the “profound risk posed to people in correctional facilities” when it comes to coronavirus, so they’ve decided to release inmates who pose the least amount of risk to the public.

Not everyone who is eligible to get released will be allowed to do so. When lawmakers made the decision, over 800 inmates became the first people eligible to leave.Those who are being released are low-level offenders charged with crimes like a DUI or shoplifting.

What Will Happen After the Coronavirus Pandemic Ends?

During the coronavirus pandemic, the inmates who are released will have their sentences put on hold. Once the pandemic ends, judges in New Jersey will have to evaluate each inmate’s situation. Many of those who were released will likely be allowed to remain free if they’re following all the orders handed down to them by the courts. Others may have to return to jail to serve out the rest of their time.

Do you think you or a loved one is eligible to get released during the pandemic? Were they charged with a low-level offense like shoplifting or a DUI? If so, then reach out to our office to learn more about how we can help.

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