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A Newborn Baby Boy Was Found Left in a Duffel Bag on a Trenton Porch

Local authorities are currently in the process of searching for the mother a newborn baby boy who was found in a duffel bag on a porch belonging to a home in Trenton. The baby boy, who was no more than two days old when he was found, has already been taken to the hospital to be evaluated by doctors where luckily they believe him to be in good health. It is unclear as to how long the child was left on the porch prior to being found. The child will remain in the care of state child welfare officials at this time.

Safe Haven Laws

While this clearly was not the best way to handle this situation, it must be acknowledged that the mother avoided a situation where the child was tragically left in a location where he wouldn't have been found, and sadly, could have died. It is important to know that there are Safe Haven Laws in place that have been established to protect unwanted newborns, in cases like this, that allow parents to safely drop off any child up to one year old who wish to give up their parental rights. Parents can safely drop off their child at certain, set locations with no questions asked and with no threat of prosecution (as long as there are no signs of harm or abuse to the child). If the parent follows the Safe Haven laws and procedures, not only do they not have to deal with any possible jail time (as long as there's no abuse), but their child will be able to receive the proper care he/she needs, while allowing the parent to leave anonymously. In addition, there may also be ways that you can put your child up for adoption if your specific state does not have a Safe Haven law, or at the very least there will be people who will be able to help you make the best decision you can for your child.

Possible Reuniting and Other Options

In some situations, it is possible to reunite the parents and the baby, if that is the solution that is so desired. Of course, this also depends on the laws and rules in your state, however, in circumstances such as this, it can be reassuring to know that even though you feel hopeless, there are those that can help you figure out your options. Whether you leave your child anonymously, try to put them up for adoption or just want to make sure they get the proper care they need and deserve, it is helpful to know there are steps you can take to make an extremely tough decision a little easier.

Always Be Aware of Your Rights and Your Options in These Situations; Contact One of Our Knowledgeable Attorneys today

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