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Firearms, Drugs and Child Endangerment Charges in Trenton

A man was arrested for hiding a firearm beneath a car on the Tuesday before Christmas after being spotted by patrolling officers in Trenton. The two detectives, who are both a part of the Street Crimes Unit, noticed a man gathered around two other people when they decided to stop and examine the situation more closely. It was at that point that the man tried to walk away quickly and the police officers saw him crouch down behind a parked vehicle. After investigating the scene further the detectives retrieved a gun in the same spot that they saw the man duck behind the car and immediately arrested him. The other two men that had gathered with the suspect were not charged at the time. Two other people were arrested after officers found them allegedly smoking marijuana inside a car on the 100 block of Boudinot Street. This initial suspicion led to a search of the car and the finding of over 40 prescription pills including valium, codeine, and amoxicillin. In yet another separate incident a different man was arrested when two Street Crimes Unit detectives keeping watch on Middle Rose Street found him in possession of 18 decks of heroin as well as 2 bags of marijuana. There is currently a police search for a suspect who was described as a six foot tall thin African American male with a possible scar on the left side of his face who is wanted for his involvement in a child endangerment and attempted kidnapping that occurred around South Walter Avenue and East State Street. Currently, the police are looking for any additional information about the suspect’s identity.Another man is a suspect for what police say are charges of child endangerment and lewdness for an incident that happened at Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School in the early hours of the morning. The suspect is described as a six foot tall thin African American male with an Island or Haitian accent. Police are also looking for any additional information on the suspect’s identity in this situation as well. Whether it is gun charges, drug crimes, or child endangerment charges the importance of having a professional and experienced criminal attorney cannot be stressed enough. These circumstances could have consequences that affect you for the rest of your life and obtaining a favorable outcome for your case will most likely depend on how knowledgeable your attorney is. It will only benefit you when you contact the Law Offices of the Davis Firm today to schedule a consultation. The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney/client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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