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Man Sucker Punches Trenton Hospital Employees for the Second Time

By Davis Law Firm | March 16, 2018

For the second time in two days, a man has been arrested for sucker punching an employee working at a Trenton hospital. The 30-year-old who was admitted to the hospital for undisclosed reasons was arrested after allegedly punching a hospital employee for what was ostensibly no reason. Both events occurred while the man was a […]


Can your Criminal Record be Expunged if you are an Ex-Convict in New Jersey?

By Davis Law Firm | March 2, 2018

The potential of getting your criminal record expunged, even if the crime you committed was a minor one, has never been easy. From the amount of time it takes for an offense to be cleared, to the limited number of crimes that were included for consideration, and even taking into account the ability of employers to […]


Filming Police is Not a Crime

By Davis Law Firm | February 28, 2018

In 2015, a Texas representative introduced a bill that would have made it a misdemeanor in the state to photograph or record police within 25 feet of them, unless one worked for a licensed broadcaster or a print publication that published at least once a week. State Representative Jason Villalba retracted the bill after his […]


Trenton Police Say “Serial Robber” Used a BB Gun

By Davis Law Firm | February 20, 2018

Police in Trenton recently arrested a man accused of robbing several businesses over the course of a month, using a silver metal BB gun to do so, according to a recent article in the Trentonian. The 23-year-old man was placed under arrest after police spotted him in an alley not far from a Dunkin’ Donuts […]


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