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New Jersey Resident Accused of Recording Girls Using Home Bathroom

By Davis Law Firm | May 1, 2022

A South Jersey man was recently arrested and accused of recording girls using the bathroom in his home. The Washington Township resident was arrested after local police acquired a search warrant. The suspect allegedly kept the recordings by transferring them to an online storage database. He faces potential charges that include manufacturing child pornography and […]


Stealing Packages From a Front Porch Could Now Land You in Jail

By Davis Law Firm | April 7, 2022

With the rise in online shopping and internet delivery and subscription services, more and more people are having packages delivered to their homes on a regular or even daily basis. While being able to have purchased goods delivered straight to your front door is incredibly convenient, it can also make you a target for thieves. […]


NJ Political Consultant Admits Role in Murder for Hire Scheme

By Davis Law Firm | March 7, 2022

A New Jersey political consultant pled guilty in federal court to conspiring to kill a long-time associate who had worked with him on numerous political campaigns.  New Jersey Political Consultant Pleads Guilty to Hiring Hitmen to Kill Associate Sean Caddle of Hamburg, New Jersey, pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit murder for […]


According to Officials, N. J. Gang Committed Slew of Crimes Ranging from Fatal Shooting to Fraud

By Davis Law Firm | January 26, 2022

Law enforcement in Burlington County, New Jersey, recently announced the arrest of six people who have been committing crimes around the state. Two of the men are currently awaiting charges following the shooting of a high school senior in December 2021.  Details About the Charges Prosecutors named the gang as- the Gotti Boy Movement. They […]


N.J. Man Who Set Fire That Killed Two People Christmas Morning Facing Serious Charges

By Davis Law Firm | January 16, 2022

You might have heard about the fire that tore through Chambersburg in Trenton, New Jersey on Christmas Day. The fire killed two people and displaced hundreds more on what was supposed to be a festive day. Local officials have recently released that the fire was not a mistake. Instead, it was intentionally started by another […]


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