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NJ “Weedman” Beats Charges From Mercer County Prosecutors

A 53-year-old Trenton resident known as the “New Jersey Weedman” has just been found not guilty of witness tampering and is no longer the target of any investigations from Mercer County prosecutors. The marijuana legalization advocate who had previously been in jail for 447 days before he won his complete exoneration in the witness tampering case has learned that the three additional cases that were pending against him by the Mercer County Superior Court over drugs and cyberbullying in Pennsylvania have all been downgraded and dismissed at this time. It was originally not known how the prosecutors would proceed once the witness tampering case was over but as of now it can be stated that the court no longer wishes to prosecute the New Jersey Weedman over these issues.

Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office Reports Charges Have Been Dropped

It has been a long road for the man who calls himself “Political Prisoner 420” as a search warrant of his estate back in 2016 led to a seizure of over $19,000 in marijuana that ultimately ended in his arrest as well as a number of other defendants. Prosecutors eventually dismissed most of the charges involved in this incident although they downgraded four counts to disorderly persons offenses that will be prosecuted in Trenton Municipal Court. In a separate case a Mercer County grand jury issued an indictment that charged the man with one count of fourth-degree cyber harassment, a charge that has been downgraded to a petty disorderly persons offense that will also be prosecuted in Trenton Municipal Court. While these additional charges are still pending it was the witness tampering, cyberbullying and drug charges that were clearly the most serious, and the fact that they have been dropped by the Mercer County Prosecutors can only be seen as a huge victory for the Trenton man. The NJ Weedman had been arrested in his business partner’s home in Parsippany while he was livestreaming on Facebook. His Joint restaurant was raided and authorities found narcotics which led to him as well as two other co-defendants getting hit with charges for drug offenses. Almost all of these charges have been dismissed against the three co-defendants except for one count that was downgraded to a disorderly persons offense that will be prosecuted in municipal court at a later date. Prosecutors have admitted that the recent change in the attitudes towards marijuana legislation in the state of New Jersey were taken into consideration when deciding to dismiss the criminal charges against the men, as well as the fact that the NJ Weedman had already spent more than a year behind bars while these cases were all still pending. A statement by the Trenton resident asserted his innocence while claiming he feels totally vindicated by the charges being dropped.

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