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Trenton Man Reported His Gun Stolen, Found Himself Arrested Instead

A Trenton man recently sought to report the theft of his legally owned firearm, only to find himself facing arrest, according to a recent article in the Trentonian.

Weapon Laws in New Jersey

The 34-year-old man had a handgun that he had registered according to the law. He was carrying the handgun on his person when it was taken from him from two suspects, who threatened the man with a shotgun and a knife, according to the report the man gave to Trenton police.The man said that the robbers also stole his coat and the money he had in his coat pocket, then fled the scene in a vehicle. The man went to police headquarters, where he reported the crime, but then was placed under arrest himself.According to Trenton police, the man was arrested because he did not have a permit to carry the weapon, even though the gun itself was legally registered.New Jersey residents are allowed to buy handguns in New Jersey, but they may not carry them without a permit to carry. Such permits are “rarely” given to members of the general public, according to the Trentonian. To receive one, a person must show that they have an urgent necessity to carry a gun for self-protection. A separate, restricted permit may be given to people who need to carry while on the job, such as armed security guards.New Jersey’s firearms laws are complex, and violating any of them can result in one or more criminal charges. Many of these criminal charges are felonies under state law, carrying potential sentences that include years in prison if a person is found guilty. A felony record can also have a significant impact on a person’s ability to find or keep a job, work with certain members of the population, or maintain a good reputation among their neighbors and acquaintances.

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