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Trenton Marijuana Advocate to Receive Another Pretrial Detention Hearing

A Trenton man who’s known for his efforts in marijuana legalization is going to get another opportunity for a pretrial detention hearing. He’s currently being held on charges of witness tampering in regards to a drug bust that happened last year at his local restaurant. The man is currently representing himself and has argued that his prior lawyer didn’t access a video that was evidence. This evidence was available for the first hearing, but wasn’t used in his defense. The confidential informant alleged to police that he was able to purchase marijuana from the man at his local restaurant. After the judge was able to view the video, he ordered a new pretrial detention hearing for the man based on this evidence. As the laws in the states start changing when it comes to marijuana, more cases as this may come to light. New Jersey currently legalizes medical marijuana, but not for recreational purposes. Having someone known for wanting the legalization of marijuana in a local business may make them an easy target for being accused of committing a crime, whether or not the sale of marijuana happened. This is why it’s essential for anyone that has been accused of a crime to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer. It’s your right to have representation no matter the situation, and often, this representation is needed to protect your rights. Not having someone that’s very experienced in criminal defense may end up putting you in a position as this man where the defense provided can be found lacking. Contact the Davis Law Firm today about your upcoming case to learn more about how we can help improve your outcome. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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