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Trenton Man in High Speed Police Chase Kills Female Passenger

A 24-year-old Trenton man has been sentenced to a minimum of six and a half years in prison after killing his friend and passenger during a high-speed car crash from the police. The New Jersey resident pleaded guilty to third-degree murder as a plea bargain between the prosecution and the defense which stated the maximum amount of years he could be incarcerated for is 20 years for his fatal offense. The deceased was a 22-year-old Trenton girl who was unfortunately killed as the man sped away from the police before crashing his car.

Police Chase Ends With Crash Into Concrete Barrier

The New Jersey native was attempting to flee the Pennsylvania State Police when his vehicle struck a concrete barrier and overturned killing his female friend who was sitting in the front seat at the time. Both he and his female passenger were wearing their seatbelts at the time of impact but the young girl in the front passenger seat was killed on impact while the driver and his two passengers in the back seat suffered non-fatal injuries. The driver of the green Acura CL had been getting pulled over by a State Trooper for speeding when he first pulled over to the shoulder as if he was stopping his car. Instead of pulling over to a complete stop however, he then drove his car back on the roads at even higher speeds before he eventually crashed the vehicle. It has been learned that at the time of the chase the driver had been carrying multiple bundles of heroin inside his jacket which lead to an accusation that he was also under the influence when the crash occurred. The eventual plea bargain did not list this as one of his official charges when he was eventually sentenced to prison. Ultimately the driver pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree murder in a case where the judge called his actions “extremely reckless.” The young female victim was the youngest of seven children and worse yet the fatal accident occurred two nights before her oldest sister was to be wed. She was sadly buried on what would have been her sister’s wedding day and her family remembers her as a devoted and optimistic friend who was an honor student who loved music and art. The guilty Trenton man did express great regret at his sentencing, saying it was a dangerous mistake and that he hoped and prayed her family would be able to forgive him someday.

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