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Do Restraining Orders Lead To Criminal Charges?

Restraining OrderRestraining Order

Facing a restraining order can be a daunting experience, especially if you're uncertain about the potential legal consequences. In New Jersey, as in many other states, restraining orders are designed to protect individuals from harassment, abuse, or threats. However, many people wonder whether these orders can lead to criminal charges. In this article, we will explore the relationship between restraining orders and criminal charges in New Jersey to provide clarity and guidance to those who may find themselves in such a situation.

I. Understanding Restraining Orders:

In New Jersey, restraining orders are officially known as "final restraining orders" (FROs), and the court typically issues them to shield victims from domestic violence, harassment, or threats. These orders aim to provide a legal framework that prohibits the alleged aggressor (the respondent) from having any contact with the victim (the plaintiff) and from going near their residence, workplace, or other specified locations.

II. Types of Restraining Orders in New Jersey:

There are two main types of restraining orders in New Jersey:

1. Restraining Orders (TROs): TROs are issued on a temporary basis, typically when the plaintiff seeks immediate protection from an alleged aggressor. These orders are granted without a full hearing and are intended to provide temporary relief until a final hearing can be held.

2. Final Restraining Orders (FROs): FROs are more permanent and are issued after a formal court hearing. A judge will consider the evidence presented by both parties and determine whether a final restraining order is necessary. If granted, an FRO can last indefinitely.

III. Do Restraining Orders Lead to Criminal Charges?

The issuance of a restraining order itself does not automatically lead to criminal charges in New Jersey. However, violating the terms of a restraining order is a serious offense, and it can result in criminal charges.

If you have been served with a restraining order and you violate its terms in any way, you may face criminal charges, including:

  • Contempt of Court: Violating a restraining order is considered contempt of court in New Jersey. Contempt charges can result in penalties such as fines, probation, or even incarceration.
  • Harassment or Stalking: If your actions toward the plaintiff are deemed harassing or stalking in nature, you may be charged with offenses related to harassment or stalking under New Jersey law.
  • Assault: Physical contact or threats of violence made against the plaintiff can lead to assault charges, depending on the circumstances.
  • Criminal Trespass: If you enter a location prohibited by the restraining order, you may be faced with a criminal trespass charge.
  • Other Criminal Offenses: Depending on the specifics of your actions, you could face additional criminal charges, such as terroristic threats or endangering the welfare of a child, if applicable.

If you are facing a restraining order or have concerns about potential criminal charges, it is crucial to seek legal representation from an experienced attorney who specializes in family law or criminal defense. An attorney can help you understand your rights, navigate the legal process, and provide a strong defense if charges are filed against you.

Key Takeaway:

While restraining orders themselves do not directly lead to criminal charges in New Jersey, violating the terms of a restraining order can result in serious legal consequences. It is essential to take any restraining order seriously, seek legal advice, and comply with its terms to avoid potential criminal charges. If you are in need of legal assistance, consult with a qualified attorney who can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation and protect your rights throughout the process.

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