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Crime Falling in Princeton, NJ

The overall crime rate is falling in Princeton, NJ, according to data released by the New Jersey State Police. The crime statistics indicate that there was an 11-percent decline in crime throughout the borough in 2016, as compared to the crime rate in 2015. The decrease in violent crimes in Princeton is notable because it comes at a time when the total number of assault and threat crimes is on the rise in other parts of Mercer County, NJ. Moreover, according to NJ State Police data, overall crime in Mercer County rose by nearly two percent last year. As far as specific crimes, Mercer County had 25 murders, 107 attempted rapes, 587 robberies, and 205 armed robberies. By contrast, these were the recorded numbers for specific crimes in Princeton in 2016:

  • Homicides: 0
  • Robberies: 0
  • Rapes: 2
  • Burglaries: 34
  • Assaults: 44

Since 2014, the crime rate in Princeton has gone down by more than 20 percent. The same is true for Princeton University, with crime at the university declining by more than 25 percent over the last two years.

Violent Crimes in Mercer County, NJ

Most of the homicides committed in Mercer County in 2016 occurred in Trenton, which typically ranks among the worst municipalities in New Jersey when it comes to violent crimes such as murder, aggravated assault, sexual assault, and armed robbery. Other Mercer County municipalities that saw significant increases in assault and threat crimes last year included East Windsor, Ewing, and Hamilton. It is worth noting that the downward trend of crime in Princeton NJ, as opposed to other parts of Mercer County, is in line with national crime statistics: crime rates throughout the U.S. have dropped considerably over the last two decades. According to Victor Thompson, a Rider University professor who studies criminal justice, many areas of the country are at “record lows” when it comes to homicides and other serious crimes. If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Mercer County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County, or anywhere else in South Jersey, you need a qualified criminal defense attorney assisting you. The experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyers at the Davis Law Firm, LLC can help you fight your charges. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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