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Certain Fireworks Now Legal in New Jersey, But Others Remain on the Banned List

For many years, only New Jersey, Delaware and Massachusetts banned all sales of individual consumer fireworks. Now, however, New Jersey has expanded its laws to allow consumers to buy and use certain types of fireworks. Under the new law signed by Governor Chris Christie on June 28, New Jersey residents can now purchase and use non-aerial fireworks, including hand-held and ground-based sparklers, poppers, and snappers. Such fireworks are popular at many backyard summer celebrations throughout the country, from Fourth of July parties to Labor Day, birthdays, and other events. Not all consumer fireworks that are sold in the United States are legal in New Jersey, however. Residents of the Garden State are still prohibited from using firecrackers, aerials, bottle rockets, Roman candles, and many other types of fireworks. While neighboring states may allow the use of these fireworks, New Jersey law still prohibits their sale or use within the state’s borders. Anyone convicted of using banned fireworks in New Jersey may be fined up to $500. Fireworks were banned in New Jersey in 1937, after multiple severe injuries were reported over Independence Day 1936 as the result of fireworks and over 900 New Jersey residents required hospital treatment for fireworks-related injuries. Public outcry following one story involving the death of a 9-year-old Perth Amboy resident led to the passage of the ban, which has stood for eighty years until the recent bill allowing sparklers and novelty fireworks passed into law. Fireworks can make summer celebrations more fun and festive, but it’s important to choose fireworks that won’t leave you facing a court date. If you’re charged with a crime of any kind in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Trenton criminal defense lawyer who can help you.

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