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15-Year-Old Shot in Face, 2 Others Wounded Outside Trenton

Two Trenton teen girls and a man from Hamilton are all recovering from gunshot wounds they received after being shot on a Hamilton street just outside the Trenton border. While hanging out in front of a home shortly before 2 a.m. the teens stated they heard several shots fired although they have been unable to give the police any information about any possible shooter or shooters involved in the incident other than recalling a black male who was driving a sedan nearby before the shooting occurred.

Shootings on the Rise in Trenton Area

The police director in Trenton has admitted in the past that gun violence has been tough to defend against in the Trenton area. Typically, most of the shootings were believed to be connected to gang violence which was the number one cause of gun violence a decade ago. However, new intelligence from the department has shown that a greater number of these shootings stem from neighborhood feuds more than they do gang violence, although for any victim of any such attack the difference on where it stemmed from is not as a big an issue as making sure whatever the reason is they will be protected from it in the future. The Hamilton shooting is now currently under investigation by the Hamilton Police Division’s Criminal Investigation Section. No suspects have been arrested for this crime as of yet and the police are still looking for more information leading to the arrest of the shooters.

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